c.haxholm – Momentary (2019)

VISAGE26. c.haxholm – Momentary (2019)

VISAGE26. c.haxholm – Momentary (2019)

c.haxholm – Momentary

Momentary is the newest release by c.haxholm, one of the many monikers of Danish artist Claus Haxholm, a long-time profile in the Danish underground scene. Here he presents five long songs dealing with life in a small village. Bouncing between dense glacial instrumentals and a deep rhythmic warmth, Momentary explores personal ambivalence towards perception of time and isolation. “It’s all good to be aware that a thing like FOMO is a “bad thing” and a “capitalist social construct” – but it just doesn’t change the consequence of that feeling you get when you feel isolated”, Haxholm says.

The seemingly repetitive nature of the songs is a theme Haxholm has worked with for several years and here is a presentation of new experimentations from the field. The songs where created by improvising  and playing simple riffs and melodies on different synths and after bouncing it, the material have been edited into the songs themselves, creating an often stark and cold musical surface that keeps being broken by slightly uneven drums, or a key that is being pressed down too late, etc. – small glimpses of the human soul: failure. Not as in a failed project or some dream that didn’t come true. But failure as a drive. Trying and getting up again, just to know that it will happen again. Nobody is perfect and those imperfections are a great way to create plateaus of reflection in a culture that mostly deals with perfect objects of desire.

“I imagined the musical aspect of the songs as some very simplified landscapes or scenes, that would take up far the most space and where the lyrics could act as characters that would only be visible or active in the scene for a short moment but still be very significant in how important they are to the songs meaning and atmosphere. In that sense there are some highly formal considerations about songs craft and the way we think about songs today, where the formula often seems highly predictable. How can we move with the sounds and moves of present-day songs and yet still keep the approach fluid and open?”


Cat.no. VISAGE26. Released digitally and as a 50×70 cm poster including download 25th of September 2019.
Produced by Claus Haxholm.
Cover by Absalon Kirkeby.


press photo c.haxholm

c.haxholm by Jonathan West Carstensen