We are proud to present the debut album “Portraits” by Frederik,
lush, stretched-out contemporary band music from Switzerland!
Listen to the full album here.

For the music video of the single ‘Tropus’, the Zurich based skateboarder, musician and friend of the band, @333volt, portrayed his skate crew during a trip to Berlin in summer 2020. Watch it here:


20th of January 2021

We are proud to present Francesca Burattelli and her debut album “Condition”! For several years Francesca has been a prominent and active artist in the Copenhagen art underground and beyond, but this is her first solo release in her own name. “Condition” is a complex work, ambitiously and honestly merging vocals, field recordings, synths, pianos and textures in surprising ways, which have left us amazed.

Listen to the full album here.


10th of December 2020

“Dreaming of Armours”, the first single from Francesca Burattelli’s upcoming album is out now, 10th of December 2020. We are truly proud to present this haunting and disruptive pop track by an artist we really admire.

Listen to “Dreaming of Armours” here

18th of November 2020

First single “Portraits” from upcoming album by Swiss artist Frederik out now 18th of November 2020. Raw, condensed and modern songwriting, one of the “most promising bands in the Swiss pop world”.

Listen to Listen to “Portraits” here and see the video here.