Värmland-forsamlingen af 2016 – Musica (2018)

Värmland-forsamlingen af 2016 – Musica

Värmland-forsamlingen af 2016, the unusual and ever-evolving Danish folk ensemble, are now presenting their third album Musica. Originally formed by Asger Hartvig (Boli Group, Brynje, Synd & Skam), Thea Thorborg (Ydegirl, Boli Group) and Jonathan Carstensen (First Flush) on a pilgrimage to Värmland, the home of writer Selma Lagerlöf, the group is here joined by Holger Hartvig and Stephanie Bech.

There are very few elements in these ‘hard folk’ works, turning the movement from the flute, the violin, the guitar or the keyboard into crucial brushstrokes forming the image of each track, and it gives Musica an overwhelming immediacy.

The energy of Lagerlöf still sifts through the mythic world of Värmland-forsamlingen af 2016, and Musica is essentially an album about music in its simplest form: the bliss of being together under this cloud, playing together through these brief hours in the same universe. It’s a pure form of joy that was here thousands of years ago and will last until humanity withers.

Released November 1st 2018 on cassette and digitally. Cat.no.: VISAGE24.