Transparent Dog – Sending (2018)

VISAGE22. Transparent Dog – Sending (2018, digital)

Transparent Dog – Sending

Sending is the debut album from Transparent Dog, the pseudonym of Danish artist Kristoffer Fredholm. Opening with “Komi”, we’re facing a gloomy jazz standard slowly finding its way into a complex classical piece when timpanis, flutes and distorted guitars enter. There’s a strangely raw power running through the album’s instrumental pieces, but when vocal suddenly appears, a refreshingly confessional fragility shines through. Slippery synthesizers, auto-tuned vocals, open air folk anthems, Young Thug and Charles Mingus vibes – everything exists within eachother, and the diverse arrangements are always centered around Kristoffer Fredholms superb and idiosyncratic sense of melodies and contrasting yet instantly catchy composition. “I invent all of my feelings myself”, as he puts it on the banger “I find it hard to believe”.

Mastered by Asger Hartvig.
Album cover  by Adrian Delafontaine
VISAGE22. Released digitally 16th of August 2018.


“Self portrait”