Jijikusanda – Miryang (2020)

VISAGE31. Jijikusanda – Miryang (2020)

Jijikusanda – Miryang

On the EP “Miryang” Jijikusanda are still exploring the poetry and mystery of the Korean mountains. Loneliness and longing are stronger nowhere else than in the mountains of the Korean peninsular. This feeling is depicted on “Kumgang”, which is inspired by the bewildered border between North and South Korea, as well as on the title track, which is a love drama about the longing and frustration between people and separated countries.

Jijikusanda release their debut after many years of activity in the Danish underground music scene. In 2015, the duo was formed by two members of First Flush when they went on a Japan tour. Then in 2016, they went touring with Bisse through Denmark, and in 2018 they released the album “Kyopo” with the guitar trio Bandom. In the dawn of 2020, they started to co-write og co-produce songs with the artist Atusji, which will be released on his upcoming album “Soapbox Vol. 2”.

Regarding the use of language on the album, Jijikusanda-member Jeppe Davidsen says: “Even though you don’t understand all the words when you’re singing in Japanese, Danish, English, German or Korean, it’s for me a very aesthetical way of expression. A Korean name like Miryang has a both poetic and instrumental function, because I find this word beautiful, as well as being a rhythmical and percussive way of singing”

Alexander Weile adds: “For me it’s a way of expressing myself without being limited by the, if you might say, chains of your mother tongue”.

Music written and produced by Jijikusanda. Featuring Atusji on tracks “Silhouetter” and “Saraba”.

Cat.no. VISAGE31. Released, May 21st 2020. Visage.
Available through digital streaming on all platforms.

Photo by Jonathan West Carstensen