Frederik – Portraits (2021)

VISAGE34. Frederik – Portraits (2021)

Frederik – Portraits

We’re proud to present the debut album by Swiss group Frederik! Contrary to what the name implies, Frederik is not a single person but an ever-evolving entity comprising several singular minds. Originally founded by Rolf Laureijs as an outlet for his experimental and wave-infused pop excursions, the Swiss project has over time been joined by drummer Laurin Huber and second guitarist Christoph Barmettler. Together, the three have recorded Frederik’s debut album.

On their debut album, Frederik offer a lush, stretched-out approach to contemporary band music, full of references and rich with details that slowly unfold with every listen. From the ethereal title track to the energetic, garage rock-inspired »In the Fields« and the wistful closing song »1999«, the whole album is marked by an emotional ambiguity, constantly negotiating between anthemic euphoria and a sense of deep melancholy. Just as Laureijs’s lyrics are never really as deadpan as they appear at first, there’s a complexity to these seemingly simple compositions that reveals itself patiently the further the album progresses.

Rolf Laureijs says about the album:

“This album is a collection of songs we recorded roughly over a period of one and a half year. I took the time to work on the lyrics to a point, where these images still had a clear edge, but just started to drift towards more vague and ambiguous feelings. I was drawn to the idea of recording an album with a sense of openness in terms of arrangements and the actual performance of the instruments, without losing the grip of a catchy song. At the same time, I felt the strong desire to let go of a good portion of perfectionism. An often leading question was: How can I apply further reductions and listen? “Portraits” is surely a milestone to me, because understanding the urge to write songs is not always easy to pin down. All in all I think, making shifts in these practices certainly has a lot to offer.”

All songs written by Rolf Laureijs
Guitars by Christoph Barmettler and Rolf Laureijs
Drums by Laurin Huber
Lyrics & vocals by Rolf Laureijs
Produced by Rolf Laureijs and Frederik

VISAGE34. Visage, 2021
Released digitally 26th of March 2021

Listen to the full album here