Francesca Burattelli – Condition (2021)

Francesca Burattelli – Condition

We are proud to present Francesca Burattelli and her debut album “Condition”! For several years Francesca has been a prominent and active artist in the Copenhagen art underground and beyond, but this is her first solo release in her own name. “Condition” is a complex work, ambitiously and honestly merging vocals, field recordings, synths, pianos and textures in surprising ways, which have left us amazed. But we’d much rather let Francesca speak for herself, so here she is:

“As the title alludes, »condition« depicts a state of emergency, referring to music as a mode of survival. 

All music I had been making before didn’t have this level of urgency. So this work, as dramatic as it might sound, became almost a matter of health. Having a condition is here the image of being possessed by something that has to be outsourced, almost as an act of exhorcism. 

“Condition” deals with the most classical subject: the heartbreak; but as a condition – a sentimental condition. I’ve always been drawn to the aesthetics of sentimentality, but the album emerged from a real heartbreak and was for me a way to understand the condition I found myself in.

It reflects/conceptualizes a sentimental obsession – the idea of the other person entering one’s organism, becoming a part of one’s body, logic, language and experience of the world. Being possessed by the intimacy of love, one’s system being hacked, as a virus causing a condition.

Music is a way of mapping the narrative created with the other person, like a sentimental morsecode – using it as material for songwriting – as cramps, glimpses of a shared reality, mosaic sceneries. 

Vulnerability as a form and material – the call of vulnerability, 

A motion of openness, nudity and exposure – backflash of unfolding.

Writing lovesongs as a way of insisting on the language of sensibility, as a way of dismantling the patriarchy of logic.”

Out 20th of January 2021 (Inauguration Day).
Written and produced by Francesca Burattelli
Mixed by Francesca Burattelli and Jonathan West Carstensen VISAGE35.

Listen to the full album here.

Photos by Francesca Burattelli