Spellcaster – Inventory Expansion Pack

VISAGE28. Spellcaster – Inventory Expansion Pack (2020)

VISAGE28. Spellcaster – Inventory Expansion Pack (2020)

Spellcaster – Inventory Expansion Pack

Today Copenhagen based Spellcaster releases his bon vivant underground pop album ‘Inventory – Expansion Pack’’. It is an orange t-shirt w. printed tracklist and download code.

The album is the first embodiment of the already released ‘Inventory’ that now has gained its final level.

Other than making the album wearable (!), ‘Inventory – Expansion Pack’ augments the initial album with five new tracks. Here Spellcaster discloses a new intimacy with the compository process, suggesting alternate listenings, zoom ins and outs on the landscapes, altered versions and parallel worlds, all informed by a narrative structure related to rpg understanding.

The t-shirt both functions as a backdrop as well as a new self-perception towards the entire body of work.
In one way a jest on the golden times of copping and wearing your favorite band merch all the while warped into to the digital platform age.
In another – new links, connections, codes, as to leave the work open-ended:
story creating story creation.

“Inventory” is the debut album by Spellcaster, the myth-weaving solo moniker of Holger Hartvig. As part of both the pioneering and critically acclaimed group Synd og Skam, as well as in equally intriguing Brynje and Posh Isolation-affiliated Boli Group, Holger Hartvig has long been practicing a daring and unconventional approach to composing and producing. Through numerous involvements, Holger Hartvig has since the early 2010s been known as intriguing voice in the frontier of the Copenhagen underground scene.

On “Inventory”, Holger Hartvig is alone (but in the company of featuring spellcasters), while he brings the same curious vision into his first solo work, which consistently defies labelling. Take “Driftwood” – soaring weightlessly in the cool Imogen Heap-like crispness of sweeping distorted vocals and a symphonic use of gorgeous guitar mosaics. Or “Hollowalk”, introducing swaying fresh water lead vocals by Danish artist Cæcilie Trier (CTM). Or the strangely dystopian banger “Path”. The album is full of clashes between electroacoustic soundscapes and human voice in several shapes, negotiating complex emotions towards the greater changes in our worlds.

Spellcaster says about the album:

“A spell collection on voice and memory, timeleap and timelessness. the voices and memories being the strings in a textile of realities. driven by the wish to create story-creators, is the spell collection asking? becoming bard in harmony with fellow spellcasters, transmitting data, a bell rings”


“Inventory requires careful listening to appreciate its various textures and intrinsic richness, forking constantly on slippery roads, offsetting its melodies from its axes to offer them a beauty with the use of sound. An unclassifiable opus with intriguing atmospheres. Very strongly recommended”

  • Roland Torres / Silence and sound

“On the album Spellcaster multiple times insists on the narrating voice as a necessity for creation and maintenance of individuality, community and reality. (…) To me ‘Inventory’ is a consistent piece, that both lyrically and musically evolves on a level that few others in the kingdom can uphold.”

  • Emil Grarup / PassiveAggressive (translated)

“Did the album ‘Inventory’ by Spellcaster herald the invention of “Anthropocene Folk”? Is this how it sounds when musicians fostered in pop culture becomes older and begins to read critical theory?”

  • Simon Dybbroe Møller / Kunstkritikk (translated)

Cat.no. VISAGE28.

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