Värmland-forsamlingen af 2016 – Festival (2017)

VISAGE18. Värmland-forsamlingen af 2016 – Festival (2017, digital)

 Värmland-forsamlingen af 2016 – Festival

Festival is the second album by the folk group Värmland-forsamlingen af 2016. It offers a new selection of instrumental tunes that could easily be the soundtrack for a youth drama. Melodies found, played and recorded all at once in a small meditational state. On Festival Värmland-forsamlingen af 2016 is represented by Jonathan Carstensen (acoustic guitar), Asger Hartvig (flute+keys), Thea Thorborg (violin) and Mads Rubin (electric guitar). Went for a walk, blue sky, through Emmerdale. Released on all streaming services the 7th of September 2017.