G Djeep – Bleveð EP (2017)

VISAGE17. G Djeep – Bleveð EP (2017, digital)

G Djeep – Bleveð EP

Bleveð EP is the 3rd digital release by G Djeep through Visage. The EP contains only 5 songs and it’s thereby the shortest compilation of music ever made by G Djeep. Bleveð EP follows his 2016 album Virtuel Reel with his signature sounds of much use of autotune vocals, acoustic guitar and trap beats. In contradiction to G Djeep’s previous releases, Bleved EP has a more simplified and laid back feeling to it, and shows a more mature and less playful G Djeep than heard before. G Djeep seems more accomodated to the 2000 indie rock sound and a more top chart type of songwriting, which is very clear on “00’erne”. As G Djeep delivered the final mix of Bleved EP to the chairmen of Visage, he stated that the EP would be his last solo release for a very long time, if not forever – explaining that he must focus on his work with First Flush, JIJIKU, Bandom and Kousuke Takahara. Bleved EP is written and produced by G Djeep in Reykjavik, Iceland 2017. Released on Visage 5th of June 2017.