Bankerot – Bankerot (2016)

VISAGE3. Bankerot – Bankerot (2016, CD)

Bankerot – Bankerot

Bankerot offers a new collection of songs by Bjarke Valentin. It’s a rare example of modern singer-songwriting. The musical performance is both impressively precise, virtuoso and somewhat broken at times, but emotional expression is the main focus. Shakespearean themes such as love, lust and physicality blend with melodic progressions that might find their way into Højskolesangbogen. These two different lines in the music encapsulates an interesting disunity between the soft-spoken, personal lyrics and the listener’s desire to sing them out loud in a sincere tone of voice – a desire that might end up transforming these songs into highly unusual songs for community singing. Produced by Bankerot and Jonathan West Carstensen. Released on CD 2nd of December 2016.