Brynje – Den Højes Tale (2016)

VISAGE13. Brynje – Den Højes Tale (2016, digital)

Brynje – Den Højes Tale

Den Højes Tale is the new 16-track release from brotherhood Asger and Holger Hartvig, together Brynje. The mixtape unfolds almost as a meditation that displays their ability to write contemporary music that somehow still echoes thousand years of musical exercise in Scandinavia. Dramatic medieval melodic patterns and neoclassical strings stand next to themes for community singing and fresh water vocals from Asta Arskrog and Cæcilie Trier. Yet another awareness rises through intense playthrough; every single move they make is still rooted in the 21st century understanding of frontier music producing that seemed so apparent on their mixtape “Til De Der Vil Lave Museum” last winter. This might be the key to understanding certain aspects of Den Højes Tale – but when the last anthemic guitar chord in ‘Sayings Of The High One’ is abruptly terminated, you might want to return to the beginning once again to see how you ever ended up there.

Originally released digitally September 26th 2016. Download
Rereleased on cassette November 1st 2018. VISAGE13