Worldbuilding – ☔ (2016)

VISAGE12. Worldbuilding – ☔ (2016, digital)

Worldbuilding – ☔

Jonathan West Carstensen is releasing his first digital album ☔ filed under Worldbuilding. Sceneries laid in darkness, a world blurred by rain, in which a clear voice is guiding us through. Confessions and confusions concerning our inner and outer self: which stories are we telling; which characters are we showing; what kind of worlds are we building around ourselves and each other? “I really don’t know how to speak to this life”, he mutters somewhere along. ☔ seems like an effort towards that dialogue. Produced by Jonathan West Carstensen. Visage, 2016. Out digitally on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify the 4th of July 2016.