G Djeep – Virtuel Reel (2016)

VISAGE11. G Djeep – Virtuel Reel (2016, digital)

G Djeep – Virtuel Reel

This 2016 digital album Virtuel Reel is a work by Jeppe Davidsen under the moniker G Djeep, arrowing towards thoughts, love and everything streaming from reality. The #reel -ing of reality could well be pictured as a pond, wherein G Djeep is on search. In the underwater darkness are reality and virtuality. Then brought to the surface by digital #piano -ing mixed with acoustic guitars accompanied throughout the album by a submerging voice searching in lines of a floating world. It results in a montage, where east meets west, lightness darkness, but always present is a somehow mythical sound – sounding like G Djeep. Crafted through the darkening days of late fall 2015 in Roskilde, you still hear G Djeep flowing with an appetite for life. A crazy synergy of virtuality and reality. Produced by G Djeep. Released on Visage, the 1st of April.