Brynje – Til De Der Vil Lave Museum (2015)

VISAGE10. Brynje – Til De Der Vil Lave Museum (2015, digital)

Brynje – Til De Der Vil Lave Museum

Til de der vil lave museum is the new mixtape by Brynje, presenting two of the strongest forces at work in Danish frontier music producing. So it’s started – as no one else – ever blazing – the message is wrote burnt; overcoming the limits and dark challenges of contemporary culture in a characterbased mixtape executed with a style present of painfully precise lyricism, musicism, vocalism and production. Sparing no effort in the search of building a fortress around right now, brothers Asger and Holger Hartvig (Synd Og Skam, LOL Beslutning and many others), reveal an architectural vision, a detailed building plan spanning several floors for those who want to make museum. Produced by Brynje 1&2. Mastered by Peter Peter. Additional vocals by G Djeep and Domprovsten. Additional lyrics by Arekusanda. Online mixtape released the 17th of December 2015.