Watermark – Watermark (2015)

VISAGE8. Watermark – Watermark (2015, CD)

Watermark – Watermark

The color that is white and fills these – no longer work in thoughts – it was just soft lies – I spread out to land more comfortably – after I saw the evening water lilies – it really follows me the chain you had – that silver on your damp neck – reminds me of. In the evening light (fade) – if I could tell you about all these – almost like an image of Monet in water framework – all these streams of thought – the material the white is made of it – may well be the marble of our time – the material you feel omg – to think of now – you know the feeling of just having – the kind of whiteness in your body – introduced by Apple – such one I have now. Studies in black metal. Composed by Mads Rubin in Jonathan Carstensen. Vocals and saxophone by Asger Hartvig. Prose by Jonathan Carstensen. Released on CD 23th of October 2015. 50 copies.