G Djeep – Forslået og voldsramt mixtape (2015)

VISAGE7. G Djeep – Forslået og voldsramt (2015, digital)

G Djeep – Forslået og voldsramt

Forslået og voldsramt, the most recent work of Jeppe Davidsen, is an online mixtape released under the moniker G Djeep. It is a presentation of his newest vision regarding audio media. Everything merges in a strange and beautiful synergy; artifacts from the future and something almost prehistorically elementary rub against each other, like entering through the gates of ancient Delphi in athletic fabric. The mixtape deals with themes such as brotherly love, not knowing your own face, and having a heart as heavy as a Johannes V. Jensen peasant night. Crafted through the first dark period of 2015, Forslået and voldsramt mixtape is G Djeep wandering the streets of Odense, bruised and battered, flowing with ideas.

VISAGE7. Vocal contributions by Bjarke Valentin and Jonathan Carstensen. Produced by G Djeep. Released on Visage, the 2nd of October 2015.